What is TelosTask?


TelosTask is a market-place built for freelancers and experts who are looking to execute jobs offered by companies, organizations or entities in order to earn TASK tokens while working remotely from the comfort of their home.


Do I need to register to post a job?


Yes, you need to register as a task giver. More details coming soon.


I forgot my password. How do I get a new one?


You can reclaim your password if you have forgotten it. 

Step 1:  

Click "Forgot your password?" link on the Sign In panel and it will display a page to input Email.

Step 2:  

Fill in your registered email address/mobile number to get the password, and click the"Send Email" button.

Step 3:  

It will display a successful message: "Your password has been changed. An email has been sent as confirmation."

Step 4:  

In the email you receive, click on the "Change Password" link to set your new password. After this, you can sign in and change your password in "Dashboard".


What are the micro and macro TelosTask features?


The micro and macro task features are used to denote the complex and simple task categories on the platform. While the micro is open to any person who is looking to earn TASK simply from joining social campaigns and minor tasks, the macro features are mainly for experts with specialized skill set for particular jobs. 


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